Top Tourist and Biggest Attraction Cities – Sierra Vista and Phoenix

The United States is with many amazing tourist places. However, the cities Sierra Vista and Phoenix has a very special attraction where many travelers and tourists are attracted.

Phoenix: The top industry that has been being run in Phoenix is tourist industry. With small promotions, Phoenix city has developed a lot and stood among top 10. It has a beautiful climate where the residents and the neighbor city people will always rank it as the nation’s top most destinations with five star rating.  It has greater than 62,000 hotel rooms in over 500 hotels and 40 – 50 resorts. Every year around 16 million visitors are recorded in Phoenix generating a lot of revenue for the city. It has good and big airport too for the convenience of tourists.



Golf is the major attraction of Phoenix city. More than 200 golf course offering institutes can be found here. There are many popular and famous places to visit in Phoenix which make the visitors and the people to stand still and glare at them. They include

  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
  • Montezuma’s Well
  • Montezuma’s Castle
  • Lost Dutchman State Park
  • Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
  • Arcosanti
  • Agua Fria National Monument

As it is in the heart of Arizona, it has prominent sights to see that include

  • Tombstone
  • The Petrified Forest
  • The Painted Desert
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Sedona and
  • Meteor Crater
  • Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff
  • Lake Havasu
  • Kartchner Caverns

Its natural beauty and weather conditions always made the city of Phoenix in the view and ideas of tourists as the place that must be visited. From Sierra Vista, Phoenix can be reached very soon with just a drive of 3.5 hours. There are many recreational parks. The one and only big private owned and non-profit Zoo is found Phoenix. Phoenix Zoo is well known for its efforts in conserving wild life and reintroducing endangered species back to the Zoo. Phoenix botanical gardens are also renowned for displaying many educational exhibits with greatest collection of all plant species in the United States. The South Mountain Park is the highest desert mountain preserve in the world.

Sierra Vista: The city of Arizona in Cochise County is Sierra Vista. The city is a metropolitan city with heavy population. The U.S. Army post called Fort Huachuca is situated in the northwest part of the city. The term Sierra Vista means “Mountain Range View” in Spanish language. Towards its south west, Tucson area is found. Sierra Vista is the important industrial, cultural and frivolous center of Cochise County. Hence many visitors would like to spend their free time roaming around Sierra Vista and phoenix.


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