Dewalt DWS780 Review – For Smooth, Accurate, Precise Angle Cuts

With Dewalt DWS780 miter saw, you can rest assured that you will get an accurate, smooth, and precise angle cuts. It delivers 3800 RPM of power from its 15-amp motor, something more than enough for large number of applications. For instance, this machine can easily perform crown molding with ease as it can tilt from 0 to 45 degrees in either direction. For more info, simply log on to

In this machine, the measuring elements are simply good. The miter base in this machine is precise, well-designed, and calibrated well. On the flip side, its safety features have been designed well but they literally perform well. It comes with dual bevel system with which you can fine tune and adjust the unit without any stress.



The design is literally very conventional but you won’t find any impressive thing in it. Compatibility is its USP that you would like. Simply speaking, it weighs just 56 pounds. It means it won’t be a burden on you to carry along or move easily from one area to another. DWS780 is a best option to work in a dynamic workplace.


Along with it, this sliding miter saw has excellent measuring components. It has got well crafted miter scale and you can easily find that engineers have done a lot of hard work and paid attention to details. The excellent build quality is another strongest part of Dewalt as it is a very reputed brand in the market. It relieves the stress of getting the right angles with its pre-set positive stops. You just have to move the base to an ideal position.



It assures safety at satisfactory level. Though it doesn’t come with best safety measures, but it is still very safe to use if you follow the basic rules in handling power tools.


Dust Collection

It comes with 75% guarantee on dust collection from the manufacturer. When several other methods may find it hard in collecting dust, it won’t. It is also easy to set up as it has only one bag. You just have to mount it well. Be sure to go through the user manual before messing up with the parts to avoid unwanted surprises.



Overall versatility is what you would like in this machine. It is best suited for both DIYers and pros. Professionals would love its smooth functioning and precision while DIYers would love its ease of use and affordable price. Compactness is another best thing about this machine. It is very easy to carry around.



It needs assembly. Though it is not a big deal for you, some users hate messing around with something they actually don’t know about. Despite having a manual, it seems difficult to put together. Units are also not aligned. Though it’s not a big thing to do, it can annoy some beginners.

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