Radon testing Racine

Radon Information for Racine

Safe and Dangerous radon levels:

Are you aware of the fact that almost every country in Southeastern Wisconsin has higher levels of radon? This is important to know because if you are in final stage of purchasing or selling your property in Southeastern Wisconsin. EPS states that if radon test of any home shows a value of 4pCi/L or greater than it can seriously pose a high risk for serious health problems. According to EPA level of 4pCi/L is considered to be the ‘action level’. This tells us that if the level exceeds the given one then the homemakers or the property owners should legally mitigate the property or house as advised by EPA and Surgeon General. There are higher chances to have lung cancer if the radon levels are 4pCi/L or higher. Surgeon General has also regarded radon gas as the second major reason for lung cancer. Since it is found in abundance all over the country, it is important to have a radon test done as a precaution.

Is Radon disturbing you? Here’s the solution

You can find radon kits easily from any home department store and use it yourself. However, you should approach an expert of radon if you are in process of selling or buying a home. Radon testing Racine can provide you with professionals who have experience in installation and testing of radon. These experts possess advanced and latest equipment’s that can be used for more accurate readings. If you want to get best services from an authorized and licensed professionals then you can trust Radon testing Racine in Wisconsin. We not only provide standard work but also believe in giving you satisfaction tell your demands are requirements are fulfilled. We are the best team of experts in Wisconsin. We just focus on resolving issues related to Radon. You will find that all our professionals are committed, licensed and insured. Our passion to serve our customers distinguish us from other companies. You can call one of our technicians today and arrange an appointment for your radon testing.

Radon Testing Conditions:

Generally Radon testing Racine takes 2-3 days for testing but it depends on the structure as well. Since there might occur fluctuations in radon levels, therefore it is advised that test is held for several days. During the test it is recommended to close all windows and doors. Since radon gas comes from the ground we usually place the equipment in the basement of the building. If you want to have a test done for a commercial building or businesses then we recommend you to have a long-term test. A long-term test can deal better for fluctuations in radon levels and for large areas. This testing procedure may take 90 days. You can perform a test at home by yourself even. That’s possible with radon kits which can be bought from any home department store or ordered online. After you are done with taking the readings from the test you need to send these to the laboratory to have accurate radon results.



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