Oxford is a prestigious city that is located in the South of England and is one of the oldest in the country having been established in and around the 12th century. The weather has 21% humidity and its temperature is 21°C almost every time of the year.

If you are planning your vacations, Oxford is a good idea! Oxford has everything to offer from food to shopping, to history, to literature, to hotels. I went there for a week. I recommend you some things that are must do in Oxford. If you are there for a week, you can go for:

  • The Colleges

What is Oxford more known for than its college? You can go around 38 different colleges either for free of cost or by paying a nominal fee.

  • The University Church Tower

If you are in the high-street or anywhere close by then do visit the University Church Tower from where you can catch the best views of the city.

  • The Museum Of Natural History

If you would love to have a peek inside the Lewis Caroll’s characters which featured in the ever – popular Alice in Wonderland, then you have to visit the natural history museum of the Oxford University.

Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm

  • Pitt Rivers Museum

The Pitt Rivers Museum is easy to reach from the University of Oxford and this contains some amazing archaeological and anthropological data and collections if you are looking for some.

Opening Hours: 10am – 4:30pm

Oxford is truly a place you must explore when you come to visit England. Make sure to have at least three days schedule alone in this place so that you can explore it to the fullest.

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