I went on a trip to New Orleans with a friend of mine. We stayed at Le Richelieu Hotel in the French Quarter. Then we went to Bourbon Street to a petite café. The French quarter was really nice and old-fashioned. The city is all about food ranging from local crawfish boil and more.

Places to visit

The next day we went to Café Du Monde that offered the best donuts. We then went to the district of Garden which is a lot of mansions present for centuries and has the city’s best eateries and hang out places. Then we went to the Riverfront situated right in the middle of the Garden District. It has a lot of energizing to do.

The next day we took a unique tour as the city a part of religious practice. We then visited the 1850 House, which depicts the housing before the Civil War. We spent our afternoon wandering through the Audubon Park that had plants and trees serenity. We ended our day by taking a tour of the Haunted House.

The following day we took a boat ride and explored alligator and moss infested waters. We had a splendid morning there. The next we headed oak plantations. It had 28 oak trees lined in a walkway that led historical home along the river. Thus, it was a lovely visit.

Orleans is a must-visit place definitely either with family or friends. Thus, it is recommended that you visit this place for at least one week so that you can explore both the historical and the natural attractions this place has to offer. Also, kindly make sure to visit it during the summer months as winters can get extremely cold to roam outside. Happy Exploring!

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