Spread over an area of 142.7km2, the place to host the famous Doraemon museum, the acclaimed manga series just like Crayon Shinhan and the city which is located along the waterfront which is very heavily industrialized, welcome to Kawasaki!

Though this place does not happen to have a lot of tourist attractions, the one who brings my attention to this place is again influenced by my naïve childhood love for cartoons which majorly included the Japanese Manga and the infamous Doraemon, the cat robot from 22nd century who loves Dora cakes and is the protagonist of the show along with Nobita, the boy who is always year-round in troubles, usually cries and gets zeroes.

Places to visit

  • The other two areas which we visited are the Kawasaki Daishi temple which lies in the center of the city along with the museum of Nihon Minkaen, which is an open-air museum.
  • The open-air museum has twenty-five buildings which were preserved from the eras of Edo that existed from 1603-1867 and include farmhouses with traditional roots, e.g., Gassho Zukuri and structures like the samurai houses, merchant houses, a single shrine, and one Kabuki stage.
  • These museums hoist up different events all around the year, and the Nihon Minkaen museum also has a lot of activities that go around from time to time like storytelling, carpentry in the traditional way, lion dances and demonstrations showing the pounding of rice cake.
  • We devoured on soba noodles at one of the soba restaurants at one of the farmhouses.
  • We got a break from the monotonous tone of the daily life; people can be seen hanging out at the Italian styled La Cittadella which is pretty packed with shops and has alleys made up of cobblestone which seems to be a perfect example of the European vibe one would desire.
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