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A baseball cap finds its utility not restricted to the diamond shaped pitch but has become an everyday item even off the field. From keeping the sun off your delicate eyes to looking fashionable- the trusty baseball cap has you covered, my friend. From back in the 19th century, this handy cap has served the not only the people of America but the people across the globe well. It has gained mass popularity and can be spotted almost anywhere- the police, the military, and even other sports apart from baseball itself, like to include this trusty cap as a part of their uniform. Well, as much as they are a part of a sport, they aren’t just made to provide shade to your eyes or hide a bad hair day. Here are some ways a baseball cap can be worn to make you look like a fashionista:

baseball cap

  • The sloppy side-ways look- Scott Schuman (blogger and fashion photographer who is credited with The Sartorialist) could probably wear a damn rock on his head and make it trendy, but thank god he didn’t. Instead, he chose to don a baseball cap but with a slight lean sideways which, if you think about it carefully, is the natural progression of the strategy of wearing a snap-back. People have already tried out the ‘right-side-up’ and backward style, so it was only natural that the sideways became a huge favorite.

  • Top tilted- This a tad bit more advanced look when wearing a snap-back. I this style, you wear the cap on your head while the brim protrudes upwards. This is a very risky look as the cap could cross the critical line into the ‘cockatoo territory’ if you cannot pull it off with the correct attitude. This hip look goes well with youngsters wearing bright colors.

  • Rush look- If you’re still confused over which style to wear your snapback, the straight backward look is a definite no these days. To be honest, it does look a little silly. If you’re Jay-Z, you could pull the look off but sadly you’re not.The rushed look is the perfect for you– the cap hangs high off your forehead and dips down low at the rear – this looks way cooler. Scientifically speaking, it’s has got amazing aerodynamics, making it a more viable option to swift pass a crowded road on your bike or skateboard.
  • Natural yet smart look- If Jane Goodall’s subject of study had been baseball caps instead of chimps, this look would be taken as her golden opportunity to observe the cap in its ‘natural habitat’. This look works with almost anything as this is how the cap was meant to be worn originally. Benefits: provides great shade to your eyes, works fine with just a casual tee-shirt, or maybe a trendy denim jacket. Also, the flattened bill of the cap gives a hipper, yet a more modern effect than the convex bill lookbaseball cap

These are just some of the ways you can wear this multi-purpose cap. Everyone has their own style and you should wear this cap that suits yours, in your own special way.


Baseball Information for Kids

If your kid is one of the millions of youngsters who is itching for a chance to play the game called America’s pastime, then there’s some info about baseball that you may want to know.

baseball for kidsRules

Different rules govern different leagues, including high school, college and professional. The rules for most organized kids’ games are made by Little League, which has leagues all over the world for more than 2 millions kids. The rules not only cover the playing of the game, but what kind of equipment can be used, and how the field should be made. Kids in Little League usually play six innings, but in special cases could be trimmed to four.


In baseball for kids, nine players are on a team: a pitcher, catcher, first, second and third base players, a shortstop and three outfielders. Depending on the league, a team might be allowed to have a limited number of players on the roster to save on expenses or make sure everyone gets an opportunity to play. For fun games, if you can’t find 18 kids to play, you can still have a game with a smaller number of players on a team. If you have an odd number, one player can play on both teams.

baseball for kids


Bats come in different weights and lengths, depending on how you play. If you’re strong, you can swing a heavier bat, which helps hit the ball farther. A lighter bat can hit the ball far, too, because it is easier to swing, so the bat is going faster when it meets the ball. A longer bat is harder to swing, but because the end of the bat takes longer to reach the ball, it builds up more speed and that helps hit the ball far, too.


Not every player on a baseball team wears the same type of glove. There are five types of gloves, based on which position the player is playing. Pitchers, catchers and first basemen have their own kind of gloves, while infielders and outfielders have their own gloves. First baseman and outfielders have deeper pockets so they can catch balls better, while infielders have shallower pockets so they can get the ball out faster to throw to one of the bases for an out. Catchers have more padding in their gloves because of the constant demands of catching the ball, and pitchers have deeper pockets so they can hide their hand from the batter until the last possible moment.

Farm System

Baseball for kids can make millions of dollars for playing. In order to make sure they are ready for the big leagues, players start out on lower-level teams where they can work on their batting, throwing and pitching, before they get to a team and play in front of many fans and on TV. These teams are called farm teams, and have three levels: A, AA and AAA, with AAA being the highest level of farm team before the Major Leagues.