The Advantages Of A 4 level Hamster Cage

There are a number of advantages of a 4 level hamster cage as compared to a conventional one.  With the changes that are coming up in concepts of pet care and their welfare, it comes as no surprise that a better living environments are desired for these four legged creatures as well.  It is keeping this concept in mind that the four compartmented cage for the hamster was developed.4 level hamster cage

            –Ideal use of the 4 level hamster cage in breeding: It is the usual practice for most people to accommodate the single hamster in a single cage.  This becomes crowded if more than a single animal is put in the cage say in the need for breeding.  This situation can be greatly relived with the use of a four level or a four compartment hamster cage.

The functions are divided in the different levels that are put up.  At times the levels are not vertical but horizontally arranged. This permits the easy segregation of the different animals at the same time makes possible the necessary movements for the breeding purposes.

            –Modular concept: The use of modular living compartments is new in pet care particularly in hamsters.  This presents an area for feeding, an area for exercise and so forth.  It has been successfully implemented in the rearing of hamsters and is at times touted as being an example to other animals something larger than the hamsters.

The main advantage of the modular concept is that as the members of the pet group increase in size and number, it would be possible to increase the area of the confinement by increasing the compartments used.  Thus the investment needed would only be the immediate need and increases as the need increases.

            –Exercise wheel: That animals particularly hamsters need to exercise is an accepted fact. If two or more hamsters are confined to a single cage without any separation, then the exercise activity could disturb the ones needing a bit of quiet. This has been noticed to create areas of conflict in larger animals and hamsters do follow this track to an extent.

Thus an exercise wheel can be provided at one compartment only and the animals would get into the habit of using the particular compartment for their daily needs without disturbing or turning onto each other.

            –Quiet areas: There is not enough emphasis on quiet areas in animals as in people.  Most people do get annoyed if the times of quiet are disturbed in any manner and it is not different in animals as well.  The use of compartments and modules do provide the hamsters with the necessary space for each other at the same time create an atmosphere for interaction particularly at the times of breeding.4 level hamster cage

            –Inference: It is important that a good cage that takes care of the very needs of the animals in captivity is needed no matter how big or small the pet happens to be.  The multi-level enclosures ensure that hamsters get to use the luxury of space even in the confines of a small area on the floor.